E-book specifically created for all yachties in the yachting industry who are trying to get fit and healthy or simply maintain their fitness levels while working abroad on a superyacht.

This e-book covers 3 types of workouts that one can do whilst working on a yacht;

Each type of workout will each contain 12 workouts. The workouts are HIIT style and functional workouts with the use of minimal equipment or with equipment that is onboard.

Sea Fit will not only contain workouts but will also cover post-workout stretching, workout challenges, recipes, tips & lifestyle advice for all yachties. This E-book is not only ideal for yachties but can be for anyone who is working abroad and living in the not-so-normal environment where a gym is easily accessible. These workouts can be done anywhere, so if you do have access to a gym, some of the workouts can be modified to use in the gym with adding extra resistance/ weights to the workouts depending on your goals and level of fitness.